About me

Hi I'm Grace,


a 27-year-old snowboard and cookie fanatic from Newcastle, England. After graduating from University, studying English Literature, I packed up my essentials, leaving a little pile of belongings at my mum and dads house, and set off to live and work in the mountains.


I've now travelled over 25 countries, making a home in 6 of them and I have no intention of stopping.


I've scribbled down all my recipes, life hacks, dream destinations and eco ideas from my travels so far in my little tattered notebook, and now its time to share it all with you in my blog.

In this uncertain time of social isolation, we are either working from home, working as an inspiring essential worker or working on our next plan.


So here is my plan: to create a community filled full of inspiration for your isolation. 

I hope this little community can share a bit of love and light to everyone who needs it. I mean, who doesn't love a cookie and a drool over the latest snowboards?

-  Grace