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Creating Inspiration during Isolation

From meal plans to writing, here's how I'm keeping a creative daily routine.

Hows everyone doing? This really is an interesting time we are in right now. We have moved from full steam ahead, to either halting or pivoting to full steam ahead, but at home.

If you are like me, you have had your adventures halted, you have pivoted in a completely different direction, not really sure what to do. Luckily, I found this space to write, to connect with people and explore creating my own business.

Being at home, is our way of protecting each other and staying safe. However that doesn't mean it's not hard, frustrating or making you unmotivated.

My routine is pretty flexible every day , there are a few things that I loved doing before COVID, that I still love doing now.


Keeping a Journal

I've never kept a journal before, I always kept my memories through pictures and scribbles in my note books. However in Australia, I was inspired by a @chelseakauai to follow her habits of happiness, where for 30 days you wake up, meditate and journal.

So for 30 days, I made that my new routine. Social media had become a constant scrolling for me, it was the first and last thing I did in my day. I wanted to investigate what happened when I didn't follow that routine.

Honestly, this was such a therapeutic process. It gave structure, self evaluation and a time to create calm in my life while everything was a little.. well un calm.

This little blue book is now a safe space that I note down all my thoughts and feelings, it gives me a place to just write whatever I like. Even after those 30 days, I love coming back to it and scribbling down thoughts, reflections and drawing little pictures.

So grab an old notebook, and put down whatever you feel, anything goes. Set that little time aside for yourself to just write, with or without the meditation.

If you can't go outside, go in.


Setting a Wake up Time

A simple one, but so effective. Having a set wake up time, whether its 7.30am, 9am or later, it gives you a routine that was similar to your previous routine, pre-COVID. It also allows you to keep a similar bed time too, we have all been there, staying up till 2am watching YouTube because we cant sleep. Keeping that routine will allow you to ease back into normality, when we slowly move towards it, in the future.

Don’t punish yourself though, if you sleep past these alarms. Listen to your body, if you need sleep, welcome it. If you know you just need to get up, take the day one step at a time, coffee always helps.


Daily Exercise

Whether its a home workout or a daily walk, exercise is key to lifting your mood. At the moment, in our house, we have a set time each day when we workout- or around that time, as you know, Netflix takes over.

I am loving @barrysuk workouts at the moment. They are just half an hour and get you nice and sweaty. Right now, having someone to guide my workouts gives me motivation. I usually love designing my own workout plan, but if I'm honest, right now I just need someone to tell me what to do, which is okay. We get our walk later in the evening, to take the dogs out to stretch their legs.

Exercise has been scientifically proven that it changes the brain in ways that protect memory and thinking skills.

I always feel the most creative after fresh air, whether it’s in the kitchen or writing a blog, I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels the benefits. It's a great way to break up your day and have a little something to look forward too.


Planning your Meals

I think we have all become 'foodies' during isolation, trying out new recipes and planning a little something different to spice up our days.

One great way to manage your finances, your social distancing and your food waste, is to plan your meals before your weekly shops. I love to do my research first before I plan my meals. Have a nice balance between lots veggies and something a little indulgent.

Here was what last weeks meal plan looked like for our evening meals, there was a lot of potatoes involved:


Veggie Thai Green Curry

a great opportunity to use up all the left over veggies from the week before


Burgers and Chips

homemade black bean burgers and homemade chips, kicking the week off in the right way


Plant Based sausage and mash

using up those left over potatoes to make the creamiest plant based mash going, and of course loads of gravy



veggie skewers, plant based burgers, heaps of salad and of course a few beers.


Homemade Pizzas

made from scratch even the pizza sauce, delicious and packed full of veggies


Veggie pie

all the veggies, topped with left over mash


Coconut, Pumpkin and Carrot soup

Left over pumpkin and carrots from the week, equals, a big old bowl of goodness

I promise this week, we will have something other than potatoes. Planning our food is us doing our bit to take the pressure off supermarket workers, and make the most of the delicious food we have in the house.


Staying Connected

Staying connected with friends and family right now is so important, I'm so grateful to be isolating with my family. I love picking up the phone or face timing a friend, it’s such a grounding experience right now.

Connecting with those who you might have lost touch with or maintaining those lasting friendships that you hold close, can fill your day full of happiness. A good giggle, discussing endless business ideas, or even just a chat about how you are managing in isolation, is good for you soul and mental health. Schedule in your calls, have something to look forward too. As many of you know, I love to chat, so get in touch, I'm always here!

Stay connected, rely on each other, and discuss those delicious cookies you just made


Hope this little blog inspires you to try something new or helps you create a healthy routine.

If your routine takes a few detours as you go, don't worry, make sure you are happy and healthy, because that's what matters.

G x



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