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Garden Isolation: Creating your own herby heaven

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

We have been back in the UK for 5 days now and here is how I'm getting creative in the garden.

My mum and dad moved into a new little house back in Whitley Bay right by the coast, where we used to live before moving out into the country. Soon as we arrived back I knew I had to get back in the garden and create a space to grow some treats.


A tasty accompaniment to any meal, they can be grown inside and outside of the house. I ordered the herbs online, I used amazon to get these little packs of goodness to pop outside. They have a huge range of options online or when you next visit your local supermarket for our weekly shop, have a little look at their garden section for some seed packets.

How to sow your seeds:

In the handy pack I got from Amazon it included a selection of herbs that are perfect for growing this time of year. All can either be grown inside or outside so perfect if you don't have a garden, they can bask in the sunshine on your balcony or window ledge.

I have Oregano, Basil, Coriander, Thyme, Mint and Rosemary in my collection and have planted a few so far.

All these are perfect for this time of year to sprinkle on your salads, dress your veggies, pop in your homemade cocktails or add to your roast potatoes to add some extra flavour.

Oregano, Thyme and Coriander:

For these 3 delicious herbs, I chose larger pots so they have plenty of space to grow and flourish. Each of these herbs require the seeds to be sowed 1.5cm deep in the soil. Start by removing the correct amount of soil from your pot, gently sprinkling the seeds evenly through your pot and sprinkle the soil back on top that was removed. Gently press down the soil and water lightly. Be mindful not to over water, the soil needs to be kept moist.

Herby tips: Thyme prefers a sunnier location. Oregano needs to be harvested before flowers form. Coriander is all year round so leaves can be picked as required.


We have lots laying around the garden that I cleaned up and reused. Don't have any pots? Use cans from your baked beans, old kettles, vegan ice cream containers, jam jars, an old colander, anything goes to get your herbs growing.

Tip: Use vegan magnum ice cream sticks to name your herbs in each pot so you know what you are growing. You can also use takeaway cutlery that you have laying around the house.

Here's a few visitors who came into the garden today while I was planting.

Hope this inspires you to hop into the garden, get some fresh air and get creating.




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