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Roasted Stuffed Peppers

These juicy peppers are stuffed with a glorious mexican inspired rice and topped off with cheese, a perfect healthy evening meal.

I was inspired by a lovely friend to make stuffed peppers the other week, I searched the cupboards for inspiration for an easy recipe for the peppers filling. I wanted to use yummy ingredients that I already had in the house to save a trip to the shops. This recipe is a great option if you are transitioning to a plant based/ vegan diet and are looking for a meal that appeals to your bubble in isolation.

How to make Stuffed Roasted Peppers...

Serves 5 Prep 10 mins Cook time 20mins


5 peppers

1 carrot

4 mushrooms

2 tomatoes

1 onion

5 cloves of garlic

170g of sweetcorn

195g of black beans

125g of rice


1. First dice your onions and garlic, chop your carrots and mushrooms into small cubes and finely chop your tomatoes, make sure you save the juice.

2. Chop off the lids of your peppers and scoop out the middle, drizzle them with olive oil and a little salt and pepper. Place all 5 of the peppers in the oven at gas mark 5/190 degrees/375F, allowing them to soften and gently darken. Save the lids of your peppers to one side as they will go in the oven later.

3. While your peppers soften in the oven, put the rice in a pan of water and cook until soft. While the rice is cooking, in a frying pan place in 1 tbsp of olive olive and warm the pan over a medium heat. Add the onions and garlic into the frying pan and cook until they turn translucent. Next add in the chopped carrots and cook them until they are soft.

4. Next add the black beans, sweet corn and mushrooms to the frying pan. At this time the rice should be cooked, if not simple turn off your veggies until the rice is cooked. Add the rice into the frying pan along with the cooked veggies. Mix through until all your ingredients are combined.

5. Add in 1 portion of my fajitas spice mix to the rice and veggies and stir through until combined. Check on your peppers, which should be nice and soft and starting to roast. Carefully take out the peppers from the oven and stuff them with your mexican rice mix and sprinkle an option handful of vegan cheese on each pepper.

6. Grab the pepper lids from earlier and pop these next to the peppers.Cook the peppers until the cheese has melted on the top.

7. Remove from oven and serve warm with a side salad.

Hope you love this simple easy recipe filled full of delicious veggies, perfect to serve up to family or friends in isolation.

G x



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