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Vegan Chocolate Banana Flapjack

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

A super simple recipe thats deliciously plant based and so easy to make.

This recipe will occupy your taste buds and your wandering mind, during isolation. I whipped this up in around 40 minutes including cooking time. Filled with bananas, chocolate, rolled oats and a few other little ingredients, it's safe to say it didn't last long in our house due to there being 5 of us.

I find baking so therapeutic, it soothes my mind and I love seeing people enjoying my recipes. Give this one a go at home, its a crowd-pleaser that is child, and first time baking, friendly.


Vegan Chocolate Banana Flapjack

Serves 8 Cooking and Preparation time: 40 minutes


250g Rolled porridge oats

125g of vegan butter/vegan margarine

125g Light brown sugar

3tbsp of golden syrup or maple syrup

2 bananas

80g of dark chocolate (vegan)


To begin, melt the sugar, golden syrup and vegan butter on the hob in a pan on a low heat until all the ingredients have melted. Leave to cool slightly then add in 1 mashed banana and the oats. Mix together until all oats are coated with the golden mix.

Once combined, add in 3/4 of the chocolate and combine together. Turn out into a grease proof paper lined tin.

TIP: scrunch up the grease proof paper first, smooth it out and it will fit snugly into your tin.

I used a loaf tin (more for the lack of tins in my mum and dads house- note to self add one to the shopping list) which was a 2lb tin.

Chop up your other banana into 8 slices and place on top on flapjack and sprinkle the remaining chocolate over the top.

Place in a pre heated oven at 180 degrees or Gas Mark 4 until golden brown on the top and the bananas have caramelised. Allow to cool, then slice into 8 pieces and serve.

Try to save some for an isolated friend or later, unfortunately, ours didn't last long. Managed to save a few pieces to wrap and drop off at a friends door for a little treat.

Lots of love and well wishes.




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